Teach from the Side of the Room

I usually end up with about ten minutes of direct instruction a class. I try to keep them working as much as possible. When I started I watched my predecessor use our computer lab by having the students from the back three rows of our four row classroom come to the front into order to participate in the lesson. I have done the same for the last few years, because I couldnt do anything else. Right?

I started talking to students in their seats this year. Asking them questions, walking around the room. 5th Graders sitting in front of a computer is quite the challenge to keep their attention, but turning off the monitor helps keep wandering eyes focused on the teacher. After using this strategy, I am free to walk around the rows and talk with my students. I’m no longer bound to the front of the room! So,if you have a computer lab, you are not bound to the front of the room! What strategies do you use to keep Students engaged?

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