Memorial Day Project Making


I was thinking today about Memorial Day and what our group of makers can contribute. Our school takes memorial day pretty seriously and throws a big assembly for area veterans so I thought about ideas that I could have some of my maker students work on for Memorial Day. This is what I wrote for their google classroom.

What can we create for the celebration? We have a movie that is in the works, we are going to have numerous veterans in the school and a large assembly. What could YOU create for this important day? Could you 3D print something to give to veterans? Or to sell in support of veterans? Think and let me know what you come up with! a few idea links are below.

While these links are about 3D printing, I want students to think of any project that might help them express gratitude towards our soliders who gave their lives in support of our country. I am excited to see what comes out of class tomorrow.!