Innovate your life as an educator 

Do nothing and slide into oblivion. Innovation is risky, and success is not guaranteed. Doing nothing guarantees failure. 
I saw that she cartoon on twitter a few months ago and I immediately knew that this explains a lot about what I think about leadership.

In school, you see a lot of safe plays. Safe PD, safe lessons, safe rules, safe grades, safe policies etc.

I agree that safety is paramount in the k-12 school system, but where does innovation enter the equation? It seems that there can always be someone there with a counter point for any project you undertake. Sometimes that is necessary on your way to.a compromise.

However safety and futuristic vision need to be weighed together and acted upon. In order to provide our students with activities and lessons that are valuable and provocative in order to keep our twitter-generation student attention spans.

I see a lot of great ideas on twitter. Most of the time I ask myself: “why can’t we do that?” Sometimes the answer is knowledge or resources, but other times it is the willingness to take risks. 

We instill in our students the need for a growth mindset.  The need for grit to persevere in the face of adversity. Then why are adults always erring in the side of safe decisions rather than risking failure to bring about real change? 

P.s The cartoon is from Check it out!