How do you organize your makerspace?

I love Makerspaces.

This question I keep finding myself asking is how do I organize all of this stuff? If you have a Makerspace, you basically are signing up for organized chaos. so where is all the stuff going to go?!

The short answer is that every space is different, so if you have wall mounted shelves, go for it and use those! You have shelves!

Makerspaces are full of different technologies, tools and materials. Storing those is something that we can actually discuss. for this article I am just going to discuss how I store Makey Makey, Raspberry Pi and Littlebits.

Makey Makey(MM):

MM comes in a small box jam packed with alligator clips, wires, USB cable and the MM. I Let my Students borrow the box and then return it to me, but things got messy. I have 5th and 6th graders primarily and their dexterity just is not there for forcing all the materials back in the small box. I ended up taking a trip to Dollar General and was able to but some nice Sterlite containers for $2 a piece. Now I can even add more components to the kit and students don’t have to stay back to pack a small box up to my standards.


Makey Makey’s stored on the top shelf.

What ideas do you have for storing makey makey? Stay tuned for upcoming posted about organizing your space!

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