Robots is something that I really didnt have any experience with growing up. I loved computers and would tinker with it, take it apart and put it back together again, sometimes incorrectly, then I would have to troubleshoot and fix my computers. I would say that is the closest I have been to robotics building. which is not really even the same playing field.

However, I would like to change that! Our school has a few kits of Lego NXT mindstorms as well as Lego WeDO kits. These kits are highly valuable and allow for creativity in the world of engineering and science to solve larger picture problems.

I am going to see what I can learn over the break so I can find ways to get these in the hands of students more often. Teachers use them for a unit and then have to move on, but perhaps there could be a club outside or during some free school blocks to focus on robots and engineering?

I have found competitions that would be a great way to motivate students. The championships were just held this weekend, so I have until next fall to organize our resources and see if we could put a team together. Looks like fun!

First Lego League