Raspberry Pi2? Yes Please!


New Raspberry Pi 2 Kit!

Well, it has been a crazy month since my last update, but I would like to start by introducing the new Raspberry Pi 2! Since my last post I have bought 11 Raspberry Pi 2’s and am very excited about the future of this project! What is the Pi2? The Pi2 is 6x faster than the B+!! whoooaaaa! It also weighs in at the exact same price as the older B+ so, it will work perfectly with my budget!


I did some digging and found another kit on Amazon for the Pi2. It is a GREAT value. Initially I thought that it would be a good idea to buy the parts individually instead of a kit like this…. I did the math for each component and shopped around…I really do not think that a better deal can be had. Let me know if there is. Here is the kit and the breakdown.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 (1GB) Ultimate Starter Kit (Over 40 Components: New Raspberry Pi 2 + WiFi Dongle + 8GB SD Card + Case + Power Supply

  • Includes New Raspberry Pi 2 (RPi2) Quad-Core 900 MHz 1GB RAM, CanaKit WiFi Adapter
  • Premium Quality 6-foot HDMI Cable, CanaKit GPIO to Breadboard Interface Board, Ribbon Cable, Breadboard, Jumper Wires, GPIO Quick Reference Card, Resistor Colors Quick Reference Card
  • 8 GB Samsung MicroSD Card – Raspberry Pi Foundation Recommended MicroSD Card pre-loaded with NOOBS, High Quality Raspberry Pi 2 Case, Heat Sink
  • RGB LED, 8 x LEDs (Blue/Red/Yellow/Green), 15 x Resistors, 2 x Push Button Switches, CanaKit General Guide for Beginners to Electronic Components
  • CanaKit 2.5A USB Power Supply with 5-foot Micro USB Cable specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 2 (UL Listed)



That are a lot of components for a really good price of $85. Now, Remember that I am going to use this for the educational setting, so it also helps by coming in a compact box that can be easily stored for the next class. The electrical components are basic LED’s and a few push buttons, but it will be sufficient for teaching how GPIO works and making some fun projects. I think that is as far as I will get with GPIO and electrical for the remainder of this year at least.


So, if you are looking to get into the Raspberry Pi arena, I would highly suggest one of these kits. They are a great value and you do not need to buy the ultimate kit in order to get going. Buy it, open it up and get tinkering!